I believe that a libretto is a little springboard for musical action – a suggestion of what the composer can achieve dramatically in the music.  More than merely ‘the words’,  the libretto encompasses the larger plot movements,  sequences, scenes,  mise-en-scène,  characters,  numbers,  a suggestion of duration, proportion and pace.  It whispers a future shape and provides the conditions for any masterpiece.”

This is the website for Gordon Kalton Williams’ work in music, which he sees in the context of drama. It contains librettos, scripts, program notes, and articles looking at broader musical issues, including a particular focus on the power of librettos and the link between the world’s music, words and the physics of drama. Program notes are seen as the beginning of a process of dramatizing music, which ends in opera and film. There is also some branching out into broader cultural issues.

Gordon in San Fran